Cold Plasma Disinfection Technology

ECO-LOGIC, in cooperation with ILTONG UK LTD., designs and supplies COLD PLASMA DISINFECTION, the next generation water disinfection technology for bacteria, viruses, spores and protozoa. Scalable (up to very large capacity processing) and tailor made disinfection equipment, no requirement and/or use of chemicals, quick reaction time, minimal energy consumption and operating cost.

Available are a number of different models with different flow rates (1,000 – 3,200,000 liters/minute), from domestic to industrial applications, being able to design larger purpose built systems to meet particularly challenging water treatment needs, either as a single pass system or part of a recirculation process.

Cold Plasma Technology Breakthrough

Cold Plasma science is now being heralded as the next evolution in water treatment, having many advantages over existing water treatment technologies, and after many years of pioneering research, ILTONG’s Scientists have successfully developed and patented a world first, Non Thermal “Cold” Plasma technology, in such a way as to sustain Cold Plasma indefinitely, which gives the same fantastic effects that Plasma is known for with an almost unlimited number of cost effective industrial applications. First among these, the purpose of scalable and economical water treatment.

The ILTONG Cold Plasma reaction creates a cascading ionization effect where a large amount of high energetic electrons, various reactive molecular and radical species, ions and photons are generated (e.g. OH-radicals, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, shock waves). When water is exposed to this highly reactive environment, a range of useful chemistries for the oxidation of contaminants and disinfection of water resulting from the synergetic effects of these take place. Hydroxyl radicals oxidize organic contaminants, and disinfection occurs. The reaction is highly effective at killing microorganisms in water such as bacteria, viruses, spores and protozoa with contaminants broken down into harmless by-products.

Cold Plasma disinfection has a number of advantages over current disinfection methods for large scale water treatment and is a clear choice for disinfection of municipal wastewater, treating industrial wastewater and process water, remediating contaminated water, together with agriculture and aquaculture applications. The ILTONG system offers a method to improve affordable sustainability with the reuse of production water for food and beverage processing, as well as industrial processes in developing countries where scarcity and high water cost are a factor.

Advantages of the ILTONG Cold Plasma Disinfection System

  • Low running cost and environmentally friendly compared to chemical treatment

  • No need to transport, store, and handle toxic chemicals

  • No taste or odour introduced to the water

  • Large capacity processing and uniformity in output

  • Low power consumption compared to UV, Ozone, and Electrolysis methods

  • Rapid treatment process and persistence of disinfection without chemicals

  • Minimal maintenance and service requirements

  • High durability of equipment

  • No disinfection by-products – safe for the environment and aquatic life

  • No pressure differential in flow rates

  • Low operational noise levels

  • Instant on/off, no warm up time required

  • Compact design with minimal space requirements

Comparisons of Cold Plasma