Our Products & Services

HRT – Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology

ECO-LOGIC’s proprietary and patented HRT Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology was developed for the total separation of hydrocarbons from a liquid/solid matrix. The HRT technology is energy efficient, provides a low carbon footprint and is environmentally friendly.

STO – Sludge To Oil Technology

Sludge is an intrinsic by-product of the Oil & Gas Industry, considered as a hazardous waste and generated upstream & downstream during production, storage, transfer and other processes. There are few technologies within the industry to process it under an environmentally sound protocol.

FREE RAD – Enhanced Remediation Technology

Based on a series of physical, chemical and biological processes, ECO-LOGIC Environmental Engineering has developed and applied a technology to enhance and expedite degradation of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. This technology has been successfully used to treat contaminated soils, waters and sludge, varying from drilling fluids residues to API separators and tank bottoms.

Water & Waste Water Treatment Services

ECO-LOGIC’s core engineering practice started with the custom design and fabrication of Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems for the large industrial community in the greater Los Angeles area

WBM (Water Based Drilling Fluids Systems) Dewatering

ECO-LOGIC has extensive global experience with wells being drilled with WBM, utilizing the Flocculation/Dewatering Process. The Flocculation/Dewatering process greatly reduces the amount of dilution and eliminates excessive waste volumes normally associated with the “dump and dilute” method.

Emission Control Systems Services

ECO-LOGIC Environmental Engineering has provided custom made systems to control air emissions from Industrial facilities. These systems are still functional in the United States and Mexico, as well as in the Middle East.

Cold Plasma Disinfection Technology

ECO-LOGIC, in cooperation with ILTONG UK LTD., designs and supplies COLD PLASMA DISINFECTION, the next generation water disinfection technology for bacteria, viruses, spores and protozoa.

Pneumatic Cuttings Transport & Storage System/Technology

ECO-LOGIC, in cooperation with RANDABERG of Norway and VALHALLA Oilfield Services, are the supplier/distributor of an independent, closed loop Cuttings Transport & Containment System.

Drilling & Completion Fluids, Solids Control & Waste Management Consultancy Services

ECO-LOGIC has extensive global experience with Drilling & Completion Fluids, Solids Control & Waste Management on upstream Oil & Gas operations, offshore and onshore, which enables us to provide technical, commercial, logistical and operational support through in-house and/or external oilfield professionals.

Solid Waste Management

Provision of Industrial and Municipal Solid Waste management programs and processes for minimization, recovery and recycling of solid waste. Inclusive but not limited to incineration systems for medical waste, electronic waste processing and metal recovery systems, mining waste processing and recovery of valuable metals, etc.